We provide the tools to build profitable success

  • Sales goals to grow your business
  • Open to Buy plan focused on your profits
  • Inventory budgets for maximum results
  • Markdown strategies to increase profits


Profitable success feels great!

Is your business creating the rewards you want? Are you able to take the holiday you and your family deserve? Are you feeling successful with the revenue your business is achieving?

We invite you to take advantage of our free discovery session to align your business with the profitable results you want. Contact us to find out how to start utilizing the benefits of our Monthly Business Analysis report and coaching

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Innovative Growth  Realistic Process

Our Monthly Business Analysis report (MBA report) accompanied with our Coaching services assist in maintaining focus on what matters, your profits.

  • With our powerful reporting program you will be able to affect the profitability of your business on a monthly basis
  • The MBA program generates reports that are solely for your business, taking the guess-work out of managing, while keeping you in control
  • The peace of mind you’ll have from knowing your goals and when you’ve achieve them is indispensable
  • Our clients have said that our monthly coaching services (combined with their MBA report) give them understanding of what should be done to achieve their goals

What our clients say:

    I have been working with Angie for nearly 3 years.  She has taught me to think of inventory in a new way. In that time we have been able to lower our inventory level, increase our inventory turns, increase our margin and over all be more profitable.  Her knowledge of inventory management, merchandising, and overall business sense is exceptional. I would strongly recommend her services for any retail business.

    Kevin R.

    We were able to get through the last 12 months with significant drop in sales, but a minimal drop in profit, thanks to Angie’s guidance.

    Jennifer H.

    We could have never survived the financial crisis of the last several years without Angie’s expertise and ability to direct us in the area of inventory management. Nancy has not only survived those times, but has shown substantial increase in gross and net revenue during those years – while many of our competitors have gone out of business

    David H.

    Our natural abilities were only a start, without the numbers to guide us and the practical advice to act upon we wouldn’t have succeeded at all

    Sue W.